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Welcome to New Age Enclosures, a distinguished leader in the manufacturing of off-the-shelf plastic electronic enclosures. As pioneers in the industry, we take pride in offering tailored solutions to Electronic Engineers and OEMs across a multitude of markets. Our enclosures, meticulously crafted through advanced injection molding processes, set the benchmark for excellence. Utilizing superior-quality resins, including ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and ASA, we ensure durability and reliability in every product.

Designed to thrive in diverse environments, our comprehensive line of plastic electronic enclosures caters to a broad spectrum of needs. Whether you require industrial-strength enclosures with waterproof IP ratings or simple yet robust indoor project and utility boxes, we have you covered. What sets New Age Enclosures apart is our commitment to quality and innovation. We understand the dynamic nature of electronic engineering, and our enclosures reflect this by providing not just protection but also a seamless integration for your electronic components.

Explore our range and discover how our enclosures can elevate your projects. Join countless Electronic Engineers and OEMs who trust New Age Enclosures for top-notch, customizable solutions. Welcome to a new era of excellence in electronic enclosures.
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Our in-house web development team has engineered a sophisticated tool that enables you to customize your selected enclosure seamlessly on our website. This cutting-edge tool allows you to experiment with diverse cutout shapes, offering a visual representation of the potential design. Beyond aesthetics, it provides an instant cost estimate for the personalized enclosure. Furthermore, this tool facilitates the effortless integration of text and graphics on the enclosure, delivering a tech-savvy and comprehensive user experience.

Discover how we can seamlessly guide you from an Off-The-Shelf Enclosure to a Fully Customized Market-Ready Enclosure. We dedicate ourselves to serving as your comprehensive enclosure solution provider. Our plastic enclosure customization services encompass CNC Cutouts, Direct to Part Marking, Custom Colors & Materials, RF/EMI Shielding, Tooling Inserts, and the complete design and fabrication of 100% Custom Enclosures. Trust us to elevate your product with tailored solutions for a polished and market-ready outcome.
Explore the innovative creations of our customers using our plastic enclosures! Visit our website to view showcased examples, providing you with insights into the diverse possibilities. Additionally, we invite YOU to share your projects using our products. Click here for more details and become part of the community showcasing the versatility and ingenuity achievable with our plastic enclosures.

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New Age Enclosures, a division of Alltec Integrated Manufacturing, Inc., follows the same AS9100 aerospace standard as its parent corporation, a leader in custom injection molding for the aerospace industry. ISO quality registered, we consistently meet the demanding aerospace standard, embedding this high-quality commitment into every injection-molded electronic enclosure. Our proven track record of quality sets us apart, and we look forward to delivering exceptional solutions for you.
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