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Markets & Industries Served

New Age Enclosures is unwavering in its commitment to providing cutting-edge enclosure solutions across a diverse array of industries. This dedication is fueled by a relentless pursuit of innovation, marked by the continuous release of new and improved designs. With a global reach, New Age ships its products to an ever-expanding customer base spanning numerous markets. The key industries served by New Age Enclosures include:

  • RFID Market
  • Sensors and Instruments
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Information Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Medical
  • Military Electronics
  • Networking Equipment and Components
  • Optical Equipment and Components
  • Passive Components
  • Power Electronics
  • Automotive Diagnostic Electronics
  • Security Systems
  • Connector Market

This comprehensive list showcases New Age Enclosures' versatility and adaptability in meeting the unique demands of various industries, reinforcing its position as a leading provider of enclosure solutions worldwide.

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