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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your enclosures compliant with ROHS standards?

All New Age enclosures in stock adhere to ROHS compliance. Visit our Certifications page to access and download our ROHS compliance declaration.

Are your enclosures compliant with REACH regulations?

As a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier, New Age Enclosures is exempt from REACH Regulation 1907/2006. While our products are not subject to REACH due to our location, we acknowledge the international requirements. To the best of our knowledge, New Age Enclosures products align with REACH Regulations. Refer to our Certifications page for our REACH compliance declaration.

Is New Age ISO certified?

Yes, New Age Enclosures meets the rigorous AS9100 Aerospace standard.

What are the IP/IK Ratings of your enclosures?

We don't certify our enclosures with specific IP or IK Ratings, as end uses and customer modifications vary. However, most indoor enclosures approximate an IP50 rating, and outdoor enclosures are equivalent to an IP67 rating. Final testing and certification responsibility lie with the end customer.

In what materials are your enclosures molded?

Our indoor enclosures are molded in White and Black UL94HB rated ABS. Outdoor enclosures use Black and Gray ASA and Clear Acrylic. Polycarbonate variants include Clear, Semi-Translucent Blue, Semi-Translucent Dark Red, and Semi-Translucent Smoke Gray. Custom runs are available in various resins and colors.

Can you provide samples?

Samples and low-quantity orders are exclusively available through our distributors due to contractual arrangements. Refer to our Distributors page for more information.

Is your manufacturing done in-house or overseas?

All New Age enclosures are molded and customized at our corporate facility in California. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities ensure start-to-finish product quality control.

What are your average lead times?

For stock parts, immediate shipment is possible from our in-house inventory. Lead times for customized orders vary; contact your representative for current estimates.

Can you match specific colors?

Yes, we can match any PMS or CMYK color call out. Matching to physical samples or swatches is also possible, providing flexibility in color choices for both molding and part decorating.

What production volumes can you handle?

We have the capacity for mass production with no set limit. Online pricing is available for volumes up to 5,000 units. Contact your representative for quotes on higher volumes.

Not sure which enclosure to choose? Can you assist?

Certainly! If the desired enclosure is not found, contact us for assistance. We can help design and build custom parts to meet specific requirements.

For further details on customization and product specifications, consult our Buyer’s Guide.

Don’t know your representative? Contact for assistance.

Interested in an Upcoming Design? Pre-production orders define tool building timelines, and the average lead time is 8 weeks once tooled. Inform your representative of your interest.

Can I get a price estimate for machining cutouts or part decorating?

Yes, inquire with your representative for quotes on our in-house customization services, streamlining the transformation of stock-box enclosures to Market-Ready® solutions.

What file formats are needed for part design or CNC modifications?

Submit 2D drawings in PDF format and 3D CAD models in STEP or Parasolid files. If you only have a sketch, our in-house designers can assist. Contact your representative to discuss your part design ideas.

What file format is needed for Part Decorating?

Native Adobe files like .ai, .svg, or .eps are preferred for efficient generation of materials needed for logo and artwork placement.

Need a size not listed on our website. Can I get a custom enclosure molded?

Certainly! Contact your representative with your enclosure specifications, and we can create a part tailored to your exact requirements.

Want mounting bosses in a specific location?

While existing bosses cannot be relocated on stock products, we can provide cases without bosses and CNC them for alternative mounting options. Alternatively, we can design and build a fully customized enclosure based on your specific needs. Contact your representative for more information.

Need help?

If you need help with your order or would simply like to place your order by phone, please call us at 855-426-3625 or click below to contact us via the web site.

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