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P1A-210906U enclosure
P1A-210906U enclosure open
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Tiny Remote plastic enclosure

$2.86 each (min. 250pc).

Explore the world of durable and robust protection for your electrical wonders with our specially crafted plastic enclosures. Radiating minimalist charm, these enclosures are offered in classic white or sleek black hues, designed to suit your personal taste. They're made from ABS plastic, an industry-standard for its toughness, which is UL94 HB-rated and honorably compliant with RoHS standards. But what places these enclosures in their own league is their ability to snugly support a .062" thickness PCB that measures a compact yet roomy 1.92" x 0.73". Treat your electronics to a safe and stylish haven with our carefully crafted plastic enclosures.
  • Height: 0.56 "
  • Width: 0.90 "
  • Length: 2.10 "
  • Material: ABS
  • Assembly: Press-Fit
  • PCB Size: 1.920" x 0.735"
  • PCB Thickness: 0.0620
  • GTIN No.: 810014171937

Need less than 250 pieces? See our distributors to purchase smaller quantities.

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Quantity Pricing
250 - $2.86 ea 500 - $2.78 ea 1,000 - $2.71 ea 2,500 - $2.64 ea 5,000 - $2.61 ea 10,000 - $2.58 ea


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